Project Snapshot
ACM Soil Removal

Contracted after Hurricane Ivan to remove two inches of soil contaminated
with asbestos fibers from a two acre site. DNT stockpiled, loaded and
transported material for disposal.
Plane Crash Clean Up

Military aircraft have crashed near their air stations in:

  • Meridian, MS
  • Jacksonville,FL
  • Lafayette, GA
  • Beaufort, SC
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • New Iberia, LA

These crashes resulted in the loss of jet fuel and petroleum based fluids to
the environment and caused considerable damage to surrounding
vegetation.  DNT was contracted for each of the crashes to excavate the
affected areas, stockpile the contaminated materials, providing sampling,
and load and transport the stockpiles for disposal.  Each of the sites were
restored with approved backfill, ground cover and re-fenced.
Sand Project

DNT was contracted by an engineering firm to supply specialty sand to a
shopping development after Hurricane Ivan.  The project consisted of
coordinating all the transportation and placement of over 15,000 tons of
Waste Management

Contracted by various clients to provide them with cost effective
alternatives to their standard waste disposal methods.  Assist generators
with recycling options as well as alternative methods to standard disposal.  
DNT has facilitated numerous operations for the Air National Guard and
various other military installations by providing the management and
logistical support to load and transport drums from as far away as
California and Puerto Rico to the final disposal sites.
Providing Remediation & Waste Management
Services throughout the Nation    
Industrial Services

DNT was tasked with the cleaning of  petroleum contamination from interior
and exterior of power plant prior to demolition.   Project included the
removal of petroleum products and pressure washing of piping, tanks,
sumps, trenches and equipment.  All liquids were collected and stored on
site pending analysis prior to disposal.  DNT characterized then  profiled
the waste streams and shipped the materials off-site for disposal.
Air Sparge / SVE System Installation

DNT has installed underground piping for sophisticated groundwater
decontamination projects throughout Florida and Mississippi.
Site Remediation

DNT provides remediation/excavation for a variety of contaminated sites
throughout the United States.  The source of contamination directs the
approach to the project.  DNT has successfully completed several
projects ranging in scope, time on site and dollar amount over the last 5
years.  Click on the project data sheets listed at the right for details on
DNT's most recent long term projects.
 United Metals and Tar Creek.